[FREE] Mississippi DMV Permit Test Questions and Answers

Below we present to you the driving test questions in the state of Mississippi, these questions you will face in the real test of driving in Mississippi.

A collection of 50 Mississippi driving test questions.

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Note: The correct answers are in bold.

Mississippi DMV Permit Test Questions and Answers

1. If you approach a flashing red traffic light, you:

[FREE] Mississippi DMV Permit Test Questions and Answers

Are traveling in the wrong direction.
Must treat the intersection as if it is controlled by a stop sign.
May not proceed until it changes to green.

2. This road sign means:

[FREE] Mississippi DMV Permit Test Questions and Answers

Intersection ahead.
Merging traffic.
Steep hill ahead.

3. When changing lanes:
Check your side mirror and look over your shoulder to make sure the lane is clear.
Check the inside rearview mirror.
Slow down.

4. If you park facing uphill where there is no curb, set the parking brake and:
Turn your wheels toward the edge of the road.
Turn your wheels away from the edge of the road.
Keep your wheels facing straight.

5. Before you enter an intersection, you should look to your:
Left, your right, then your left again.

6. If you want to pass a pedestrian who is walking along the roadway and an oncoming vehicle is approaching, you should:
Slow down and let the oncoming vehicle pass before you pass the pedestrian.
Keep driving at a steady speed. The oncoming vehicle must stop for you.
Honk your horn to get the pedestrian to move over.

7. This sign means:

[FREE] Mississippi DMV Permit Test Questions and Answers

Slippery when wet.
Stop sign ahead.
No U-turn.

8. If a road is slippery, maintain a following distance that is:
No different than normal.
Farther from the car ahead than normal.
Closer to the car ahead than normal.

9. When should drivers yield the right-of-way to pedestrians in a crosswalk?
Only if the pedestrians first wave to the driver.
Only if the pedestrians are not texting while walking.
At all times.

10. If you have trouble seeing other vehicles because of dust or smoke blowing across the roadway, you should drive more slowly and turn on your:
Emergency flashers.
Parking lights.

11. Where should drivers use their high beam headlights?
Within 500 feet of another vehicle
In busy traffic
On open country roads

12. There are oncoming vehicles to your left and a row of parked vehicles to your right. You should steer:
Closer to the oncoming vehicles than the parked vehicles.
Closer to the parked vehicles than the oncoming vehicles.
A middle course between the oncoming and parked vehicles.

13. This sign means:

[FREE] Mississippi DMV Permit Test Questions and Answers

No U-turn.
No left turn.
No right turn.

14. On a green arrow, you must:
Yield to any vehicle, bicycle, or pedestrian in the intersection.
Yield to pedestrians only in the intersection.
Wait four seconds before proceeding.

15. This road sign means:

[FREE] Mississippi DMV Permit Test Questions and Answers

Sharp right turn ahead.
A road joins from the right.
The road ahead turns sharply right then sharply left.

16. If you see orange construction signs and cones on a freeway, you must:
Slow down because the lane ends ahead.
Be prepared for workers and equipment ahead.
Change lanes and maintain your current speed.

17. When backing up:
Look through the rear window.
Press hard on the gas pedal.
Rely only on your rearview mirror.

18. To see vehicles in your blind spots, you should check:
The inside rearview mirror.
The outside rearview mirror.
Over your shoulders.

19. Hydroplaning occurs when tires ride on a thin film of water instead of on the surface of the road. To prevent hydroplaning in rainy weather, you should:
Put on your cruise control to maintain a constant speed.
Decrease your speed.
Move to the shoulder of the road as soon as it starts to rain.

20. Which statement is true?
You should put on your cruise control near a railroad crossing to maintain a constant speed.
You must stop at a railroad crossing when directed to do so by a flagger or stop sign.
You have the right-of-way at a railroad crossing and do not need to stop.

21. If you are getting tired while driving, you should:
Stop and either get rest or change drivers.
Drink something with caffeine.
Open a window.

22. What can you do to reduce road rage?
Always signal your intention when changing lanes.
Talk on your cell phone while driving.
Use your horn frequently.

23. This sign shows one type of:

[FREE] Mississippi DMV Permit Test Questions and Answers

Right turn.
Lane change.

24. This sign means:

[FREE] Mississippi DMV Permit Test Questions and Answers

All traffic must turn left.
No left turn.
No U-turn.

25. Which of these statements is true about large trucks?
They take longer to stop than passenger vehicles.
They all have air brakes that allow them to stop quickly.
They are more maneuverable than passenger vehicles.

26. At dawn or dusk and in rain or snow, it can be hard to see and be seen. A good way to let other drivers know you are there is to turn:
Up the instrumental panel lights.
On your parking lights.
On your headlights.

27. Extra space in front of a large truck is needed for:
Other drivers to merge onto the freeway.
The truck driver to stop the vehicle.
Other drivers when they want to slow down.

28. If you are feeling fatigued while driving, you should:
Increase your speed to reach your destination more quickly.
Increase the volume of your radio.
Find a safe parking area to take a short nap.

29. Just like alcohol and other drugs, drowsiness can:
Help you to be a better driver.
Make you feel better.
Impair your judgment.

30. This road sign means:

[FREE] Mississippi DMV Permit Test Questions and Answers

Intersection ahead.
Steep grade ahead.
Winding road.

31. If you come to an intersection controlled by a flashing yellow light, you must:
Wait for the green light before proceeding.
Slow down and cross the intersection carefully.
Stop before crossing the intersection.

32. This sign means:

[FREE] Mississippi DMV Permit Test Questions and Answers

Merge right.
Divided highway begins.
Lane ends.

33. When approaching an intersection with a flashing red light, you must:
Come to a complete stop, yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians, then proceed.
Reduce your speed and proceed with caution.
Come to a complete stop and remain stopped as long as the light is red.

34. This sign shows one type of:

[FREE] Mississippi DMV Permit Test Questions and Answers

Road curve.
Right turn.

35. Which of the following blocks the smooth flow of traffic?
Slowing down to look at collision scene.
Avoiding unnecessary lane changes.
Using public transportation instead of your vehicle.

36. You have allowed the wheels of your vehicle to run off the edge of the pavement. What should you do first?
Turn the front wheels slightly to the left to edge the car back onto the pavement.
Hold the steering wheel firmly, release the gas pedal, and gently apply the brakes.
Apply the brakes and turn the front wheels sharply to the left.

37. When you are merging onto the freeway, you should be driving:
At or near the speed of traffic on the freeway.
Five to 10 mph slower than the speed of traffic on the freeway.
The posted speed limit for freeway traffic.

38. A school bus is stopped ahead of you in your lane with its red lights flashing. You should:
Stop and proceed when you think all of the children have exited the bus.
Slow to 25 mph and pass cautiously.
Stop for as long as the red lights are flashing.

39. When you want to change lanes, you should never:
Move into another lane while within an intersection.
Check your blind spot by looking over your shoulder.
Check for other drivers moving into the same lane.

40. This sign is a:

[FREE] Mississippi DMV Permit Test Questions and Answers

Service sign.
Regulatory sign.
Warning sign.

41. When taking any medicine, you should:
Consult your doctor about the effects before driving.
Have someone follow you home.
Keep your window open and drive more slowly.

42. What does a traffic signal with a yellow left arrow indicate?
Drivers should prepare to yield to oncoming traffic.
The protected left turn is about to end.
Both of the above.

43. An orange-colored sign like this means:

[FREE] Mississippi DMV Permit Test Questions and Answers

There is roadwork ahead.
You must change lanes ahead.
There is a detour ahead.

44. Handicap parking spaces are available:
Only to drivers with the appropriate license plate or hanging tag.
To anyone, but only if all other spaces are occupied.
To people who are not feeling well.

45. Distracted driving is:
Anything that causes evasive action while driving.
Anything that takes your attention away from driving.
Anything that causes you to pay more attention to driving.

46. You are required to stop your vehicle:
At any intersection where a police officer orders you to stop.
Where there is a red traffic light.
Both of the above.

47. Having a driver license is a:
Right, not a privilege.
Privilege, not a right.

48. This yellow sign means:

[FREE] Mississippi DMV Permit Test Questions and Answers

There is a sharp turn to the right.
The lane must turn right.
A right turn is permitted on a green arrow only.

49. This white sign means you should not pass other vehicles:

[FREE] Mississippi DMV Permit Test Questions and Answers

Until after you pass the sign.
Unless it seems safe to do so.
For any reason.

50. Water on the road can cause a vehicle to hydroplane. Your car may hydroplane at speeds as low as:
45 miles per hour.
35 miles per hour.
40 miles per hour.

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